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WS7 – Idea for Bathroom Skirting Board

Cornices Centre offers high quality, smooth bathroom skirting board with beautiful pine wood finishing. Cornices Centre has been selling bathroom skirting board and other related wooden installations for over 20 years, offering most of the fittings and fixtures for a new installation. Our skirting board is smooth, luxurious, natural, and of the highest quality. Whether you do a wholesale or retail purchase, you’ll be sure to find the best value from us.

We can make a customised bathroom skirting board according to your design.

A bathroom is a place in a house where you can spend time refreshing yourself and clearing your mind so that when you return to the outside world you feel new again. Bathrooms are not only places for personal cleansing but also relaxing corner of the house. Crossfire has been paying great attention to the natural beauty from early on, and now, basking in the splendour of sturdy wood or smooth marble, we bring beauty as well as function into your bathroom skirting boards. Strong attention is paid to each product’s high quality, decorative design, smooth texture and luxurious feeling, and natural warmness.


The skirting board will help to get wood flooring as the experts do it. It makes the bathroom appearance elegant and perfect. When it put in a room, it can enhance bedroom and bathroom appearance more than ever. The smooth, luxurious, natural, high quality and elegance of this flooring is absolutely the best! You’ll find it irresistibly beautiful in every detail – from each individual board to the complete installation.

Matching cornice & ceiling roses with bathroom skirting board:

We also provide fixing tools as well as cornice adhesive and cornice filler at a competitive price.

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25mm x 125mm, 25mm x 150mm, 25mm x 175mm, 25mm x 200mm, 25mm x 225mm


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