Traditional Fibrous Plaster

Avail Cornices Centre’s distinctive traditional fibrous plaster service

Having become the go-to choice of various architects, interior/exterior designers, council authorities, specialist contractors, and real estate developers when it comes to traditional fibrous plaster, Cornices Centre is now regarded as an authority in this field.

Our distinctive traditional plaster service covers cornice mouldings and other decorations that are repaired ensuite only and not in the workshop.
We always use the same material that was used years ago to ensure quality and some of the frequently used raw material are lime plaster and plaster of Paris.
Experienced as well as professional craftsmen who know exactly what the clients’ requirements are and who know how to deliver the best possible work are assigned to relevant projects accordingly.
Trust us with your project, and you won’t regret it.

Why fibrous plaster

are irreplaceable for the Years

led ceiling design
You can create unlimited designs
Easy paint and maitenance
Mould preparation for large ceiling design

Modern Materials

Products for fibrous plaster today consist of: ‘alpha’ and also ‘beta’ plaster, polymer-modified plasters, hessian, as well as woven and also non-woven glass support. Usually, these produce casts that are much more powerful, thinner and lighter than typical ones, enabling the manufacturing of more significant pieces.