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Bring your imaginations to life using Cornices Centre wall panelling service

Sure, you want the perfect wall panelling to enhance the aesthetics of the places that are meaningful to you.
But, how can you get the ideal wall moulding, which is one of the most trending and sought-after services?
By availing Cornices Centre’s Wall Panelling service.

Cornices Centre first helps its clients finalise the design by providing the layouts or making a bespoke design, keeping in mind the details provided by the clients. 
Once the design is approved, it is brought to life.

Wall panelling is always a great dressing to a room and also an alternative if you are not a big fan of ceiling designs. 

Wall Design - WD 5

Beautiful designs with heritage soul.

This design contains panel PP 715, cornice PC 225 and skirting WS 6. 

Wall Design - WD 4

This design contains panel PP 717, panel PP 701, cornice PC 225 and skirting WS 6.

Wall Design - WD 3

This design contains panel PP 715, panel PP 701, cornice PC 225 and skirting WS 6

Wall Design - WD 2

This design contains panel PP 715, cornice PC 225 and skirting WS 6

Wall Panelling Design - WD 1

This design contains panel PP 715, cornice PC 225 and skirting WS 6. 

Our website and catalogue provide various panels and dado rails that you may use as wall panelling. Still, if you would like to keep the mood of the originality of the house, you may visit our showroom where you could find original panel moulds only made to order. We have already installed many of them in Victorian properties throughout the UK.

Gorgeous wall panelling can be designed using our standard moulding range

Cornices Centre installs all type of panel and dado rail that are hand made with relatively harder plaster, ensures an exquisite finish as well as great attention to detail, and supplies wall panelling that is easier to maintain, dry, and free of release agent.
All our panelling and dado rail is reinforced by wooden laths, filament mat, jute screen and is suitable for painting or gilding.

We always recommend installation by our experienced fibrous fitters

Our fitters are very experienced with the installation of wall panelling as they have been working for us since the company was first established. Through these many years, their experience with installing wall panelling or ceiling design is at the highest and top-rated level within the UK. They pay attention to the smallest details which appear in the designs.

We have an extensive range of designs, right from the most traditional panelling to the most modern ones, including 2.5D designs. Plus, we specialise in producing wall panels in all shapes and sizes, regardless of how complex they are.