Wall Paneling

wall paneling

Elegant and timeless wall paneling designs

As one of our most popular products, we’re proud of our range of wall paneling designs. When you choose Cornices Centre’s wall panelling services, you can select a design from our standard collection, or work with us to create your bespoke design.

We’ll provide you with a complete layout of the finished design, as well as high quality materials and impeccable customer service. Wall plaster panelling is a great alternative to wallpaper and decorative ceilings. Contact us here to find out more, or browse our range of panelling and dado rails here.

Take a look at our standard panelling designs

Wall Panelling Design - W1

As our simplest design, this wall paneling acts as the perfect backdrop to highlight your furniture. From the plain to the ornate, we can reproduce any design you have in mind, right down to the carving process.

Wall Paneling Design - W2

This paneling design suits every architectural style and era. Whether traditional or modern, your home’s interior will be perfectly accompanied by our stylish panelling. We can make all our panels curvy, spiralled, or any other unusual shapes, if you wish.

Wall Panelling Design - W3

With a splash of colour, this panelling design can instantly bring your walls to life. Beautiful details at each corner add a touch of style to your home, and enrich this otherwise minimalist design.

Wall Paneling Design - W4

This busy design works best with a plain ceiling and floor, and adds character to any room in your home. All our wall panels and dado rails are fully reinforced by wooden laths, filament matt and jute screen, to ensure a long-lasting result.

Wall Panelling Design - W5

Alternating wide and narrow panels, along with some subtle decoration, work together to form this regal design. Long panelling lifts the ceiling and creates an illusion of more space. You can also browse our wide range of small details to incorporate one you like best.

Wall Paneling Design - W6

Choose the wall design from us for an exquisite statement piece that never goes out of fashion. Elevate your space with this beautiful wall design featuring intricate Victorian decorative elements. This elegant plaster wall design adds a touch of refined style to any room.