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London, Greenford

Plaster coving available whenever you need it

Need to buy plaster coving as soon as possible? We can help you out. Our London warehouse has over 20,000 units, and a wide range of products, ready for shipping or pick-up.

Waiting for your products to be made to order can take time. When you order from Cornices Centre, you won’t have to wait. We keep a selection of our products ready to go at a moment’s notice. Whether you buy from us in-store or online, we don’t delay in getting your items to you.

To ensure our customers are satisfied, we keep all our products in top condition. All products in stock are kept in a clean, dry location, ready for installation. We store all decorative products on secured shelving, with coving and cornices stored vertically to avoid cracks and bends.

Buy Plaster Coving with No Wait and No Hassle

Visiting our warehouse

Buying plaster coving from Cornices Centre is quick and easy, even at our warehouse. We pride ourselves on our exceptional organisation, so you’ll never be kept waiting for your items. Our detailed reference system provides every product with a unique code, so our fitters know where to look.

Our friendly staff are here to assist you with any questions and logistical issues. If you need assistance loading products into your vehicle, they’re always happy to help, or can even deliver it themselves. For big orders, we have a forklift on hand, so you’ll never be left to your own devices. And of course, parking is free!

London, Greenford

More than 20,000 units ready for collection or delivery


Ornate Cornices

Want to browse our range of decorative cornices in person? Visit our London warehouse and take a look at our range of intricate designs.

plaster coving stock

Plain Coving

Want to buy plain plaster coving same-day? No worries. We store all our products in perfect condition, ready to install whenever you need them.

plaster coving and ceiling roses

Ceiling Roses

Our decorative plaster ceiling roses are kept wrapped, clean and dry, and on secure shelving. Any product you receive will be as flawless as when it was first made.

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