Decorative plaster ceiling restoration

plaster ceiling

The best possible care for your ornate plaster ceilings

Don’t let a beautiful ceiling go to waste. With Cornices Centre’s expert ceiling restoration services, your decorative plaster ceilings can look as good as new.

Through the years, ceilings can experience a lot of wear-and-tear. Signs of age and damage bring down the atmosphere of the building, and conceal the original design.

From the minimalist to the ornamental, we repair and restore all kinds of worn-out ceilings. No matter how intricate, we’ll reproduce every element of the design, including any mouldings, plaques, and ceiling roses.

All our projects, including decorative ceiling repair, are fully insured. As always, we work closely with architects and contractors to provide you with the best possible service. We’ll also keep you updated through a briefing with our team.

Plaster ceiling restoration for all styles and eras

victorian ceiling design

Modern ceilings

We work with experienced and highly skilled craftsmen, using only the best quality materials.

ornate plaster ceiling

Ornate ceilings

With revolutionary 3D scans, we can replicate any decorative plaster ceiling, down to the smallest detail.


Traditional ceilings

We can even use the original materials, such as plaster of Paris, lime plaster, ornamental wood, and traditional casting plaster.


plaster ceiling before london fashion week

Plaster Ceiling and LED

We can adapt the original ceiling design to accommodate modern LED lighting. It’s the perfect blend of old and new.



We take historical accuracy seriously, and closely follow the techniques used by the original craftsmen.


Accurate Details

We bring a high attention to detail into everything we do. Every feature of the original design will be reproduced by our expert craftsmen.

Cornice and Skirting

Step back in time with a fully restored Victorian or Georgian ceiling and skirting

Step-by-step: traditional lime plaster on laths

plaster ceiling using oak laths

Preparing the materials

We work with top-quality materials to ensure durability.


Installing oak laths

Essential for support and stability of the plaster ceiling.

plaster ceiling with coving centre

First coat of lime plaster

Reinforced with horse hair.

Preparing for the second coat

Multiple coats allow for a longer-lasting product.


Running coving

We prepare this in-situ for the best possible fit.


Plaster Ceiling final touches

Some last-minute prepping before installing the decoration.

plaster ceiling and cornice

Installing decoration

It’s time to add on the mouldings, panels, and ornaments.

Ready for painting

Once the plaster is dry, we’ll get ready to start painting.