LED Coving and Uplighting

LED coving

Instantly brighten any room with modern LED coving

When adding a modern touch to your building, LED plaster coving is a must-have. Whether you want to add LED to existing decor, or incorporate it into a new design, Cornices Centre can provide you with the highest quality services, to brighten any room.

Are you a fan of unconventional design? Want a more exciting interior? Uplighting and LED cornice can instantly transform even the plainest room. Create a relaxing atmosphere at the push of a button, with our wide range of LED cornice and covings.

Cornices Centre offers more than 100 styles of moulding and cornice, so you’re bound to find a design you love. You can fit the LED lights inside, behind, or on top of the cornice, whatever suits your tastes.

Customise your interior with stunning LED coving


Traditional design

A combination of LED and traditional cornice is the perfect blend of old and new. We can adapt any of our standard cornices for LED lighting, as well as any existing coving in your building.

LED coving

Modern styles with LED coving

For a chic and contemporary look, combine a minimalist modern ceiling with our LED cornice or uplighting. We always work closely with electricians and follow all health and safety guidelines to ensure a safe environment.

Suits any building

LED plaster cornice and uplighting work beautifully in any public or private building. We’re able to install it in both new and existing ceiling designs. We can also adapt ceiling roses, ceiling panels, dados, and panel mouldings for LED lighting.

Combine contemporary lighting with traditional cornice

LED coving

Light up your home

Bring personality to a boring room and wow your guests with our contemporary LED coving.

Any cornice design

Cornices Centre is able to produce your ideal cornice for you, from your own drawings or images.


Add some depth

Make a room feel bigger and brighter by lighting up your recessed ceiling.


Choose your colour

We offer LED plaster cornices in a range of styles and colours, to match your needs.