Coving and Cornice

decorative victorian coving

Expertly crafted coving and cornices to suit all styles

Looking to add some flair to a room? With the perfect ceiling coving or cornice, you can craft a beautiful interior that matches your home’s historical origins. No matter your budget or tastes, with Cornices Centre you’ll find products you love, and expert installation services.

From Victorian to Georgian, we provide coving and cornices from a variety of different periods. All our cornice is hand-crafted by experienced artisans, ensuring the best possible quality.

We pride ourselves on our high attention to detail, leaving you with products that enhance any building. Whether simple or intricate, our coving is built to last. Once installed, it’ll light up a room for decades to come.

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High quality materials, stunning results


Add style to a room with our traditional CoRNICE

All our cornices are handmade using traditional moulds. And to ensure long-lasting products, they’re reinforced with laths, and filament matt where needed.


We’re committed to your satisfaction

Cornices Centre’s strict quality control procedures ensure your cornice is as perfect as possible. All cornice is stored vertically in clean, dry conditions, to prevent any damage.

Fully insured installation by our expert team

Every project is completed with a flawless finish, and no visible gaps or joints. Please note you may notice flaking paint/yellow spots if the cornice is not kept fully dry after installation.

Transform any room with stylish ceiling coving



In the kitchen

Whether you want a monochromatic look, or a bright and playful colour scheme, our coving can be combined with most kinds of paint. Perfect for bringing your unique vision to life. And thanks to our top-quality materials, our cornice can last a lifetime in your building.

fluted coving

In the living room

When it comes to installing our cornice, the possibilities are truly endless. Any building, whether for business or residence, can benefit from a beautiful cornice. Since 2003, we’ve been fitting coving in a wide range of buildings, from palaces to galleries, and everything in between.

In the bathroom

Because our products won’t be destroyed by steam or water, they can be the perfect fit for a bathroom. Incorporate a little extra style and comfort into your morning routine with our gorgeous designs and a splash of colour.