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Every product made with care and quality materials

From plain to ornate, Georgian to modern, At Cornices Centre we provide our customers with the style and era they’re looking for. No matter how detailed, our experienced craftsmen put care and precision into everything they make.

Because we aim for perfection every time, our modern workshop contains state-of-the-art manufacturing tools. Though we do take pride in our traditional coving moulds.

Every mould is hand-made by an experienced craftsman. With a high level of creativity, accuracy, and industry experience, you can expect your finished product to be nothing short of perfect.

Our team is able to create a wide variety of moulds. If you’re looking to replicate an existing cornices, we’ll happily do just that. We also produce moulds for other decorative elements, such as ceiling roses. Because of the high quality plaster we use, our moulds can last up to 10 years.

Producing our ornaments and cornices

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Our tried-and-tested process

Using our hand-made moulds, we can produce cornices with any design you have in mind. Our products take inspiration from decades of history, and we’re sure you’ll find something here you love.


Top-quality plaster

We only work with the best materials available to make our plaster products. To ensure durability, all our covings is reinforced with laths, and filament matt where needed.

A team of experienced craftsmen

Coving Centre® strict quality control makes our products perfect. You can trust our expert artisans to help create your ideal design.

Stunning Corbels and cornices to last a lifetime

Invest in premium plaster ornaments manufactured by CoVING Centre

We keep all our products in the optimal clean, dry conditions, stored vertically to prevent cracks. However, if they are not kept fully dry during installation, you may notice yellow spots or flaking paint.

Whether gallery, palace, or private home, our cornices may be installed wherever you wish. They won’t be destroyed by steam or water, so can be fitted in the bathroom.

After installation, our covings does not shrink or crack and may be painted with most paints. You can always expect our products to be as durable as they are stunning. They’ll last as long as you need.

Plaster Corbels, Cornices Centre

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