Cornice Catalogue

coce catalogue in printed version

Get all the information you need through our detailed brochure

Cornices Centre offers detailed and specified in all products brochure which is updated every year. Our catalogue provides exact measurements such as length and thickness and profiles of all our products which are very useful to builders and architects on building site if there is no access to the internet. As well as clients who prefer to have a look in the catalogue, rather than do the online check. Along with the product specification, our brochure also offers a price list and photos of the completed jobs.
Through all the years since the company was established, we have improved the quality of the pictures of all the products, which allows you to notice the smallest details, curves or patterns. It makes the choice of the cornice, ceiling roses, panels or corbels easier as you may compare and recognise repeating patterns in all the products.
Along with the latest list of products with specific measurements, it provides a complete overview of who we are as a company.

Cornice catalogue in Printed version

coce catalogue in printed version

Cornice Catalogue

Updated every year in order to keep all our customers on track with standard and newest products. ​

Plaster Coving

Very handy and useful on building site when choosing the right cornice for your house.

Ceiling Roses

Our cornice catalogue allows you to easily measure the diameter of ceiling roses at home, as you may find a couple of them on each page.

Plaster Corbels

Improved quality of pictures of the products allows you to notice even the smallest details in each product. ​