Bespoke Ceiling Design

decorative plaster ceiling
Private Property, Gerrard Cross

Give your room the wow factor with personalized ceiling designs.

Ceiling design is sadly an overlooked area of room décor. A beautiful ceiling adds the finishing touches to your rooms that you did not even know were missing. There are generic ceiling designs available on the market, but choice, and so your scope for individuality, is limited. Give your rooms the ‘wow factor’ with some of our jaw-dropping bespoke ceilings. Transform your home into a showcase of your unique tastes and personality.

At Cornices Centre, we want you, our valued customer, to love the look of your ceilings. Our bespoke service will produce stunning ceiling designs from any drawings, pictures, or plans you provide us. Our bespoke ceiling designs are lovingly crafted from plaster, wood, or a composite of both. Bring your ideas and imagination to life in the highest quality finished products.

Victorian Ceiling

Experienced artisans will use their unique skills and the most advanced techniques to turn your imagination into reality. We can supply and install both traditional and contemporary designs and can even incorporate LED lighting into the finished product if you desire.

If you already have ceiling design elements you want to keep, our bespoke ceiling design service allows you to add, enhance or otherwise update your existing cornices and ornaments. You can free your imagination, improve the aesthetic appeal of any room, and the overall value of your home.

ceiling design
Private House, Mayfair, London

Beautiful ceiling design examples

ceiling design
Eaton Place, London

Modern Ceiling

To ensure trouble-free service, we will survey your property so that any issues with the design can be overcome well in advance of installation. This also allows us to offer you advice on your options and the latest trends so you can make the best choices to suit you.

Go from boring, flat ceilings, to beautiful intricate designs using plaster cornice and either, regular repeating box shapes [shown in the photo], or varying sizes to suit your tastes. You could also add your own desired cornice design pieces inside the boxes for extra detail.

coffered ceiling

In this picture, the client has used cornice PC 650 in a repeating pattern, making the design more interesting than simple flat panelling. Intricate plaster designs could be incorporated for more elaborate tastes. For less angular design, you can provide us with curved panel ideas, and we will produce beautifully finished smooth curved panels.

ceiling design
Private Property, London

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