Bespoke plaster moulding services

bespoke plaster mouldings
Victorian Master Bedroom

Beautiful bespoke plaster mouldingS masterpieces

Bring your fantasy rooms into reality with our stunning bespoke plaster moulding service. From elegant and extravagant to trendy and modern, our expert artisans will bring your imagination to life in stunning detail.

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow our expert craftspeople to produce everything from small and simple, to large and complex, one-off products, for both domestic and commercial properties. We can help you add your personal touch to your home or precisely reproduce or replace ageing designs in public and commercial buildings.

Heart of Fibrous Plaster Art®

Bespoke plaster craft for domestic properties

Our bespoke plaster mouldings service allows you to create beautiful rooms that cannot otherwise be realised. Feel like royalty in a luxurious regal style bedroom complete with elegant panelling, pillars, and decorative plaster mouldings. Imagine the look on your children’s faces when you reveal their castle-themed bedroom to them for the first time.

Relax in your own personalised art deco study and entertain guests in your chic modern dining room. Our unrivalled team of professionals use plaster, wood, and glass-reinforced-plastic (GRP) to produce true masterpieces from your wildest imagination.


wooden bespoke plaster mouldings
Wooden Decor

Public and commercial buildings

Altars Sketch

In these images, you can see the Neo-Gothic altars we created for this church from the design image they provided us. Many buildings like this suffer from the passage of time and the interiors require updating or restoration.

Neo-Gothic Church, Altars

It is our privilege to offer our services to help maintain the splendour of any public building. We also provide bespoke plaster moulding services to commercial properties, adding to the grandeur of luxury hotels, and office buildings for companies that want to make an impression.

The only limit is your imagination

F1 Car Skeleton
F1 Car Made of Resin and Plaster

Your imagination really is your only limit to our bespoke plaster moulding service. Look at our gallery of some of the bespoke plaster mouldings we have created for our satisfied clients. We will craft any design you can imagine, small or large, from the highest quality materials, to ensure every product is perfectly finished and long-lasting.

Our highly qualified and skilled craftspeople will produce exquisite bespoke mouldings from any architectural or interior design drawings, samples, or pictures. In these images, you can see a one-off F1 car we created for a client from a combination of GRP, wood, and plaster. If you want your business to stick in the minds of visitors, or create a home that is truly yours, contact us now. With our bespoke plaster moulding service, the sky is the limit!

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