PC 623 – Dentil

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Plaster Cornice – Length 3000mm
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PC623 Roman Truncated Rock  Dentil Cornice

Dentil Cornice

Are you looking to bring some elegance, sophistication, and innovation into your home? The interior detailing of a house complement the architectural style of a house. When you are developing the design for your houses, you are also thinking about how this is reflected internally and what junction detailing to use. There is a need to use Victorian cornices at the ceiling wall junction.

When we think of architectural beauty, one of the first to come to mind is likely the Roman architectural era. The historical Roman construction can reveal their mind-blowing expertise and architectural taste. Victorian constructions are inspired by the Roman classical engraving techniques.

Plaster Cornice

You can have your very own piece of Victorian fashion with our ceiling small classically crafted roman truncated rock cornice!

Being one of the Roman engravings, the ceiling cornice is a small piece of decoration that will add a classical touch to your ceiling engraving. Perfect to decorate the ceiling corners. The smallest plaster dentil cornice seems very smooth and delicate and perfect for small spaces. These cornices are trendy and appear in many historic houses.

Plaster Cornice Design Detailing & Use: 

The plain and simple dentils in this cornice are rectangular, not square. However, they are sharper. It is a popular Victorian cornice that suits well  Georgian houses. Comparing it to other dentil cornices, it is very delicate, smooth, durable, and easy to install.

Due to its small size 3000mm, it is most suitable for small rooms and spaces. Cornices Centre Range. Moreover, they go nicely in the kitchens above the furniture but are perfect for any other room. For large area covering, get multiple cornices and join them.

Anyone who visits your home will look up at your ceiling’s intricate yet humble detailing and will definitely praise your choice.


  • Length: 3000mm
  • Engraving: Rectangular shape
  • Use: Ceiling Corners
  • Feature: Add elegance to the ceiling decor

. Cornices Centre Range.

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3 reviews for PC 623 – Dentil

  1. Tracy K.

    This Coving suits my 1930’s, small roomed, house perfectly. Really recommend.

  2. Sam

    I highly recommend this easy to use product. Great for finishing between the wall and the ceiling.

  3. Jessica

    The product was delivered very quickly and in good condition. It was exactly what we expected. Very satisfied with results once painted.

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