PP 732 – Panel

Plaster Panel
Length – 1500mm

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Great Panel PP 732 – Bathroom Paneling Ideas

Using Panel PP 732 is the perfect bathroom paneling ideas. This highest quality bathroom paneling will be hand made by a skilled craftsman, smooth, white and luxurious, made with natural materials. This bathroom panelling is simple and elegant and very stylish.

Plaster Paneling

Installing bathroom paneling ideas is a great way to add a touch of elegance to the room while also protecting the walls from water and moisture. This style is especially useful for bathrooms that tend to get wet, such as those with jacuzzis, bathtubs, or showers. Panel PP 732 has a beautiful plaster-grain finish and smooth texture that will complement the rest of your bathroom decor while also adding a touch of class on its own. It is easy to install and can be cut into any or size you want, making it ideal for custom projects.

Panel PP 732 – bathroom paneling ideas from Cornices Centre

This panel comes from the Georgian period where the floral design is very delicate and eye-catching. Due to its even dimensions, it may be used on the wall and ceiling. This panel will be suitable for wall or mirror frames or it can be run in the middle of the wall in any room or corridor. It would ideally go with floral cornices as well as the plain ones. Additionally, it would match our ornamental ceiling roses and corbels. Because this panel is very thin, it is perfect to create a picture rail on the wall. Cornices Centre Range.

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