PS 134 – Joined Decorative Leaves

Plaster Decorative Leave
Across – 130mm

£8.00 plus VAT

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PS 134 – Joined Decorative Leaves: Enhance your space with these exquisite joined decorative leaves. Designed in the shape of interconnected leaves, this small yet impactful detail adds a touch of elegance to any setting. Perfect for pairing with acanthus leaves or using as a standalone decoration, it effortlessly creates a bespoke ceiling rose. You can also elevate plain ceiling roses by placing these joined leaves on top or use them in larger quantities to craft unique patterns and designs on your ceiling. Embrace the versatility of this plaster flower and effortlessly complement cornices featuring acanthus designs or plain cornices. Elevate your interior with the Cornices Centre Range.

  • Small Leaf and Reel
  • Medium Acanthus
  • Waterleaf and Egg & Dart


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