Ornamental Stone

Take decoration to another level using Cornices Centre’s Ornamental Stone.

If you are looking to decorate the interior or exteriors of your building, then the ornamental stone is the right choice for you.
Cornices Centre’s service pertaining to ornamental stone is very popular given that it is weather-resistant, washable, easier to install as well as maintain, has light wear, and does not have to be sealed or painted.
Not only do we manufacture bespoke decorations using decorative stone, but we also ensure exquisite architectural details and the smoothest of finishes.
All our decorative stone products may be supplied in a variety of colours, natural stone, bath stone, yellow sandstone, white Marlborough, Portland stone, silver-grey granite, old terracotta and black charcoal.
You can opt for any of the above-mentioned colours, and our specialised team will get to work to provide you with premium quality stone.