LED Coving and up lighting

Turn to LED coving and brighten up your rooms.

If you want to change the ambience of a room, then look no further than changing the lighting for LED Coving
LED moulding become the go-to choice because of the versatility it offers in terms of brightness and lighting colours. Helping you decorate and turn your boring rooms into interesting ones, Cornices Centre offers over a hundred shapes of moulding and cornices in addition to bespoke design and development services on which LED lights can be fitted.
All our standard products can be altered to include LED lights.
Not only cornice or coving can be made suitable for LED, but we can also fit LED behind ceiling roses, ceiling panel, and ceiling resist panel.
Apart from designing and manufacturing LED mouldings, we also offer high-quality fitting services in which our team works closely with the electrician.
We also provide adhesive, support all LED moulding by screws, and reinforce all joints by filament mat to ensure durability and provide a smooth finish.

All our Cornices

you can use as a LED Coving

led ceiling design
Restaurant in Knightsbridge

Beautiful ceiling design with LED coving

Ceiling layout with very ornate cornice and LED lights which highlight the design. LED lights have been installed with made to order cornice and panels. As you may notice, lights are hidden behind the cornice and panels what makes them reflect on the ceiling. The purple LED lights, along with standard yellow lights in the chandelier, give a fabulous and original effect to the ceiling.

led coving with ceiling panels
Private Home

We fitted standard cornice as LED Coving

PC 552 installed as a LED coving with victorian simple panel design on the ceiling. Cornice PC 552 has been amended a little, so the LED lights are fitted throughout the cornice not behind as usual. This provides a spectacular effect on the ceiling design.