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What tools do I need to fit cornices or coving ?

Hand Saw for Wood, Tape Measure, Pencil, Chalk Line, Flexible Mixing Bowl, Filling Spoon, Thin Scraper, Thick Scraper, Kidney Scraper, Cordless Drill Driver, Stanley Knife, 2 inches or 3 inches Painting Brush, Builders Trestle, Scaffolding Board

adhesive coving

How much adhesive do I need ?

Generally, we estimate you will need about 18 KG of high-quality cornice adhesives to fit about 36 metres of the cornice. The total quantity required can vary; it will mostly depend on the quality of the surface rather than
the size of the cornice. (1kg of adhesive = 2m of cornice)

If the surface where you need to fit the cornice is even and smooth, you will need accordingly less adhesive.

cornice samples

How much extra cornice do I need to order for the fitting?

When you are installing a simple and not too large cornice, e.g. up to 10 cm by 15cm, you will need about 10% more cornice. When you are installing a larger cornice with flowers or with any pattern,you will need about 10 to 20% more cornice.

The amount of additional cornicewill depend on the size of the cornice and the number of mitres ( corners) in the room. If fewer mitres (corners), of course, less additional cornice will be needed.

This is only general information. Any estimate of quantities  provided by us (based on your information) is for guidance only. The total quantity required need to be checked with your fitter on site.