Glass Reinforced Plastic

Significantly improve the aesthetics, using Cornices Centre's distinct Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) service.

Glass Reinforced Plastic also referred to as the fibreglass, GRP is a composite product that is lightweight, durable, weather-resistant, seamless and robust.

While it is primarily used externally in lightweight ornamental products such as pediments, cornice, corbels and panels, it can also be used for the production of any kind of shapes for advertisement. Plus, it can be painted over to enhance the visual appeal.

Cornices Centre to-date has been involved in quite a few challenging GRP projects.

From our CR casting resign we manufacture very small and delicate decoration details such as detailed ceiling roses, door inserts, panel and architrave inserts, and tile inserts among others.

We also provide installation services for GRP products.

plaster coving

Victorian Cornice

Infusing and reviving a number of historic architectural styles, Victorian Cornice and Coving ooze class and luxury to lighten up the surroundings.

glass reinforced plastic

Plain Coving

There is no substitute for simplicity and sophistication. Make a statement of your exquisite class by embracing Cornices Centre’s plain cornice.

glass reinforced plastic

Modern Cornice

All the rage nowadays, Modern Cornices provide not only give a subtle dramatic effect but also make the rooms and hallways look more open and welcoming.