Decorative stone

Cornices Centre’s all-in-one Decorative Stone service is the solution to your problems

Want to relish in grandeur, depict integrity as well as professionalism, and standout?
Use luxury stone for adorning your personal and commercial properties.
Luxury stone is available in 8 different colours: natural stone, bath stone, yellow sandstone, white Marlborough, Portland stone, silver-grey granite, old terracotta and black charcoal.
It can be used to make luxury balustrade, coins, garden patios, corbels, cornice, dado rails, window architrave and many more bespoke architectural products.
Cornices Centre has for over 15 years regularly worked with luxury stone and delighted numerous clients with their ability to design, manufacture, and install internal as well as external products right from the simplest to most decorative moulding fences and pond surroundings.
We have a team of luxury stone specialists that solely works on luxury stone projects, and we strive exceptionally hard to ensure quality. We work very closely with suppliers of raw materials to ensure the quality of the ingredients we use for production. Plus, the tools and techniques that we use are also tailored to deliver the best job possible.

decorative stone cornice

Stone Cornice

Decorative Stone Infusing and reviving a number of historic architectural styles, Victorian Cornice and Coving ooze class and luxury to lighten up the surroundings.

stone ach and corbels

Modern Cornice

All the rage nowadays, Modern Cornices provide not only give a subtle dramatic effect but also make the rooms and hallways look more open and welcoming.

Round stone architrave

Decorative Stone

There is no substitute for simplicity and sophistication. Make a statement of your exquisite class by embracing Cornices Centre’s plain cornice.