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Cornices Centre has an extensive collection of standard decorative plaster ceilings that can substantially enhance the appeal of your ceilings and in turn, beautify your rooms.

Our decorative designed ceilings are made from high-quality materials. They can be made of casting plaster, and original compo , or we may combine both of these materials, depending on your demands. Furthermore, we calibrate the range of ceilings so that they suit your ceiling requirements and style preferences.
Our team works closely with clients right from reviewing the site as well as finalising the detailed drawings of the ceiling layout to the time the final products is fitted perfectly.

What Makes Our

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We combine top quality materials with experience

Classic Victorian Ceiling Design - CD 1

Classic Victorian ceiling design is one of the most popular simple designs in London. It can be found in areas such as Kilburn, Cricklewood, Kensal Rise, Kensal Green, Acton, Ealing, Chiswick, West Hampstead etc.
This type of design was mostly used in small, medium houses or flats. Classic Victorian ceiling design is simple but very powerful. It will change your room completely from a simple room to a room with character. The composition contains a ceiling rose in the middle which has the same pattern on edge just like panels. Both these products match perfectly well together. Additionally, you can add Victorian cornices (for example PC 552 or smaller version PC 551 depending on the height of the ceiling) to complete the design of the room. Also, with this design, you can use enriched cornices and ceiling roses (for example PC 694 Flower and Egg and Dart and ceiling rose PR 753) to make your room look grand.
The design is made from separate panels and can be used for any shape and size of the room.This particular design includes the ceiling rose PR 751, panel PP 716 and panel ring.

White Acanthus Ceiling Design

Acanthus ceiling design which consists of two types of ornate panel design, four decorative corners, one ceiling rose and two fancy details. Acanthus pattern repeats in the ceiling rose and the corners what makes the ceiling very visible and elaborating strong tone of the Victorian period. Along with Acanthus pattern, scroll design and Egg & Dart pattern follow, which are characteristic and appear in most Victorian houses. Scroll design may be noticed around the acanthus leaves, by emphasizing the ceiling rose. Egg & Dart pattern of which the panel emerge, connects the four corners and at the same time is very delicate and doesn’t overwhelm the final ceiling design. The major panel wherein the main elements of the design appear, shows overlapping leaves which follow up by x symbol throughout. The approximate measurements of the design are – 6000mm x 5000mm

Early Summer Victorian Ceiling Design - CD 2

Early Summer is another example of Traditional Victorian design, but this design is suitable for larger ceilings mostly for living rooms or reception rooms with two chandeliers (light pendants)Almost all cornices will blend perfectly fine with this ceiling design. You can achieve stunning effects using white colour for the background and off-white for the panelling and ceiling roses. This ceiling design is made from separate panels and ceiling roses.

This design contains our panel PP 715 and ceiling roses PR 751.

Victorian Lotus Ceiling Design - CD 4

Victorian Lotus is an exceptionally beautiful design and brings happiness to the room. In the past Victorian Lotus was very popular in London and was fitted in medium-sized houses. Very often this design was favoured by English artists and book writers. The design has a square in the middle, and you can easily fit a chandelier or pendant light. You can achieve an outstanding effect using the different colour for panelling and ceiling.With Victorian Lotus design we recommend all types of plain Victorian cornices, but still, you can use enriched cornices if you like very busy decorations. It is a matter of personal style and choice.
This design is suitable for any shapes and room sizes as it is made of separate panel elements and panel rings. Victorian Lotus design contains panel PP 715 and panel ring.

Moonlight Victorian Ceiling Design - CD 3

Moonlight design is very similar to Early Summer design but is much busier. Instead of six-panel rectangular areas, Moonlight design contains 8-panel rectangular sections and two ceiling roses. This design is typical for large living rooms or receptions in hotels. You can combine spotlights in the ceiling between panels and two chandeliers in the middle very easily.

Almost all kinds of cornices from plain to enriched will perfectly blend with this design. This design contains panel PP 715, ceiling roses PR 751 and panel rings.