Decorative Ceiling Restoration

Does your decorative ceiling look the best it can? Avail decorative ceiling restoration services to ensure that it does.

Repairing and restoring decorative ceiling of all types to their former glory and giving them a new look, even better than what they previously had is a major part of our business.

Using traditional as well as modern techniques such as 3D scanning we reproduce all kind of ceiling mouldings, ceiling roses, ceiling plaques and various other ceiling details.

The material we use depends on the architect’s specifications. Normally, we use plaster of Paris, lime plaster, original composition, ornamental wood or traditional casting plaster.

Note that our decorative ceiling restoration service is fully insured.

Not only are we focused on quality control and embellishing by providing cornices that are perfect right down to the minutest detail, but we emphasise heavily on providing long-lasting products.

Traditional Ceiling

There are various types of ceiling designs which are being created, but the most popular ones are still traditional designs. These are usually restored in the properties as a client like to keep the classic accent of the house.

Ornate Ceiling

Ornate ceiling designs are usually a combination of decorative cornices, panels and small details or ceiling roses. Often appear in large living rooms where the space lets experiment with various patterns

victorian ceiling design

Modern Ceiling

Ceiling designs become more and more popular, resulting in more modern patterns. These include step cornice, led lights on and around the ceiling and rectangular shapes using panels.