Embellish using high-end standard cornices and covings

With the only purpose of embellishing the interior and exterior of the buildings that mean to you, Cornices Centre combines the traditional handcraft skills with the right technological equipment and state of the art raw materials to produce high-end standard cornice and coving

Not only are we focused on quality control and embellishing by providing cornices that are perfect right down to the minutest detail, but we emphasise heavily on providing long-lasting products.

What Makes Our

Cornices and Coving of Superior Quality

laths for coving

We use top quality material for the production

coving mould

All our cornices are made by highly skilled artisan

silicone rubber coving mould

We use traditional moulds handmade by craftsmen

plaster coving

Victorian Cornice

Infusing and reviving a number of historic architectural styles, Victorian Cornice and Coving ooze class and luxury to lighten up the surroundings.

Plain Coving

There is no substitute for simplicity and sophistication. Make a statement of your exquisite class by embracing Cornices Centre’s plain cornice.

Modern Cornice

All the rage nowadays, Modern Cornices provide not only give a subtle dramatic effect but also make the rooms and hallways look more open and welcoming.