Coving and Cornice Restoration

Coving and Cornice Restoration

Cornices Centre provides full service of cornice and coving reproduction, restoration and matching to existing. With our 20 years of experience, we can match or restore all kinds of plaster decorations, from a very simple panel to challenging and complex designs. We have highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen who work on our specials and matching work. They must ensure that every little detail is captured to recreate any period setting and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our artisans can work on any cornice from any time setting, and once all the installation process is complete, it is impossible ever to notice that any remedial work has been done. For further information or any enquiries about this type of work, please contact our team.

Before After

This picture shows what we received from one of our clients. It was just a couple of pieces of plaster with more than fifteen layers of paint on it. We estimated that the age of this cornice might be about 200 years old.

This is the same cornice after our restoration. Our specialist removed the paint and reproduced all missing pieces by traditional hand-carving and joined all parts together. When everything was in the right place, we made the mould from it. Then, we cast this cornice using original Plaster of Paris. As you can see the final effect is fantastic.

Our experienced fitters installed the cornice with a great attention to small details, especially to all joints and mitres. We are sure that the owner of the house will never regret the decision to restore the cornice. We hope the cornice will make the house unique for another 200 years.

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