Cornices and Coving Restoration

Want to get missing parts of any product? Opt for our renowned cornices Match to Existing products!

Cornices Centre makes the match to existing products as per the requirements of our customers.
For cornice restoration, our team member visits the site to collect the profile or template of the cornice. In addition to this, we provide services for making bespoke/customised cornice as well.
Such is our command and expertise in this field that we can reproduce any of the missing parts of any of the products in a way that it will be an exact match. After fitting and painting, you will not recognise the difference between the new and original product. That is a guarantee.
In order to make a match to existing products, we use only the original plaster (plaster of Paris) from which the original cornice or decoration was made from.
Initially, we visit the site to check out the missing parts that we have to make and provide you with an estimate. If you have a picture of the product that you need to be replicated, you can send that to us as well.
If you are looking to opt for this service, then you need to provide a profile or sample of the cornice. Also, you can bring a sample, profile or drawing of the missing item to our office and we can proceed further from there.
Note that we can match to existing products such as external mouldings, corbels, pilasters, wooden panels & dado rails, and balustrade, among others.

Cornices Matching to Existing Step BY Step

History Extension

The beautiful past in modern life

This picture shows what we received from one of our clients. It was just a couple of pieces of plaster with more than fifteen layers of paint on it. We estimated that the age of this cornice might be about 200 years old.

This is the same piece of plaster after our restoration. Our specialist removed the paint and reproduced all missing pieces by traditional hand-carving and joined all parts together. When everything was in the right place, we made the mould from it. Then, we cast this cornice using original Plaster of Paris. As you can see the final effect is fantastic.

Our experienced fitters installed the cornice with a great attention to small details, especially to all joints and mitres. We are sure that the owner of the house will never regret the decision to restore the cornice. We hope the cornice will make the house unique for another 200 years.