PC 694 – Flower And Egg & Dart

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Plaster Cornice – Length 3010mm
Price provided is per length.

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Ornate Coving – Flower and Egg and Dart

Experience the timeless beauty of ornate coving – a stunningly intricate home accessory with classic designs that can instantly upgrade any property. This decorative feature enhances fractional lines between walls and ceilings and brings attention to key points in a room, transforming your interior décor into something truly remarkable. As such, ornate coving is ideal for traditional-style spaces, adding sophistication to a room while also making it more functional.

Not only is ornate coving aesthetically pleasing and versatile enough to work with any home décor, but it can enhance acoustic properties too. That’s right – as well as providing beautiful detailing in your interior space, ornate coving also provides sound absorption characteristics that will reduce echoes in large rooms or long corridors, meaning audio feels more like a private conversation.

A floral design which comes from Greek and the Romans

In addition to its acoustic potential, ornate coving offers an array of features, including choice materials such as plasterwork and polyurethane composites that are easy to install yet exceptionally durable. The detailed embellishments range from simple lines to baroque curves and decorative flourishes; whichever design you choose will make an excellent addition to any property style.

With its stylish visuals and enhanced acoustic properties, ornate coving could take your home décor up a notch! Enjoy its timeless charm and refined elegance for years to come!

Floral design became popular as it spread around Europe and is trendy in almost every country. A floral design which comes from the Greeks and Romans. Another pattern which comes from the Romans is Egg & Dart pattern. Each of the styles appearing in this cornice has meaning behind it. However, as a whole, a combination of these two styles creates a beautiful decoration for the ceiling.
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4 reviews for PC 694 – Flower And Egg & Dart

  1. kate

    love all the details and sharpness

  2. phil

  3. bianca

  4. Chris

    this cornice should on top of the list for anyone who is renovating a Victorian house! This cornice just gives it all

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