PC 675C – Clover Acanthus

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Plaster Cornice – Length 2945mm
Price provided is per length.

£54.00 plus VAT

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Coming from Ancient Greece and Rome Clover Acanthus leaf pattern. Commonly used with other decorations like dentils, however, in this cornice Acanthus appears on its own. Classical Acanthus leaves are quite outstanding and well visible. Leaves in this cornice are three dimensional. This cornice also comes in different sizes with various Acanthus designs. Cornices Centre Range.

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2 reviews for PC 675C – Clover Acanthus

  1. Aiden (contracting company)

    As a high-end residential contractor, I’ve seen how the right cornice can transform a room. These plaster cornices offer that transformative quality, with their sharp details and flawless finish. They arrive well-packaged, with no chips or cracks, ready to be installed

  2. Benjamin

    These plaster cornices have passed every quality standard in my book. As a building inspector, I can say they meet the safety requirements without sacrificing style. Their fire-resistant properties add an extra layer of security that is essential in modern construction

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