PC 662 – Waterleaf And Flute

Plaster Cornice – Length 3000mm
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Waterleaf & Flute – Decorative Cornice 

One of our best decorative cornices is Victorian-inspired, named P662 plaster cornice. Made up of plaster, this decorative cornice is durable and looks classy. It is made by filling moulds to the profile of the cornice with fibrous plaster and allowing it to dry. After that, it is extracted from the mould and delivered slightly wet as it is then easier to work within rooms whose walls are not quite straight and have less than perfect 90-degree corners. 

The pattern details of Victorian cornice features waterleaf and flute design. This is a combination of two designs. On the one hand, the waterleaf pattern is quite popular with its smooth leaf shapes, and on the other hand, a classic fluted design. In essence, this cornice is perfect for houses from the Victorian period and still loved. Its rich, detailed design is elegant enough to add classical touch and sophistication in your home as well as office, hotels, etc. 

Aesthetic & Functional Use: 

The decorative cornice is used to improve the aesthetics of the ceiling as the moldings can be shaped and coloured to suit any kind of décor. Cornices also form a part of the aesthetic design, which might involve a complex design with multiple levels. Moreover, it can conform to design attributes; old-fashioned for buildings with traditional or classical design and simple and sleeker for buildings with modern designs.

In a building, the part where the ceiling meets the wall can have imperfections, and this decorative cornice can be used to hide these imperfections. This simple and small cornice runs along the joints where the ceiling meets the wall and adequately covers the imperfections. Additionally, the cornice extending beyond the roof on exteriors of buildings throw rainwater away from walls, thus protecting them from being dirtied or affected otherwise by rainwater.


● Material: Plaster

● Length: 3000mm

● Design: Classic

● Pattern: Leaf & Flute

● Use: Aesthetic & Functional

Cornices Centre Range.

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