PC 638 - Simple Egg and Dart

Plaster Cornice – Length 3000mm
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PC 638 – Simple Egg and Dart from Plaster Cornice

Victorian Plaster Cornice: 

Egg and Dart Coving is one of the most well-known architectural eras is Victorian (1837-1901). This era was responsible for a large upturn in house building and architect. Victorian plaster cornice/covings and other mouldings being adapted from previously being separate items dressed individually on-site to production from Gallatin moulds as completed finished items saved time and money and brought plaster moulding designs to the masses. Their classic plaster designs and mouldings are speechless, admirable, and still loved & used. 

Houses (and furniture) from the earliest settlements to the nowadays often adorn with these carved mouldings. Although complex mouldings abound, many are simple in design and achieve their aesthetic effect through repetition—like the egg-and-dart coving pattern, a Colonial Revival favourite.

A perfect copy of a period design, this plaster coving is hand-made using the finest grade gypsum plaster hand cast in finely detailed moulds. The traditional techniques are applied by professionals to carve this classical cornice. 

Georgian Medium Ogee Design: 

The Victorian Ogee plaster coving is an adaptation of earlier Georgian Ogee designs. This coving features a classic ogee curve framed with a simple double-step frame. A beautiful Egg & Dart pattern is the first thing to be noticed when looking at this cornice, followed by a very delicate traditional Ogee design. The pattern seems more delicate than in other cornices. With a length of 3000mm, it is best to use as a cornice for large walls and ceilings decor. 

The use of this egg & dart coving is aesthetic as well as functional. It adds charm and glamour to the home ceilings and wall decor. With this, the covings protect the walls from dents and damage either by interacting with furniture or striking a heavy item. Moreover, this coving plaster material absorbs moisture from the wall and makes sure that the wall remains protected. 


● Material: Plaster

● Length: 3000 mm

● Design: Georgian Ogee

● Pattern: Egg & Dart coving

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