PC 271 – Plain Warrington

Plaster Cornice – Length 3000mm
Price provided is per length.

£37.00 plus VAT

27 in stock (can be backordered)


What is the point of a Plaster Cornice? What does it do?
Of course, the primary purpose is to separate the ceiling from the walls, but what exactly does that do? The main objective is to make a room feel more like a living space and less like a box. They bring a new sense of life into any room.

This particular product utilises the beauty and artistic discipline of lines. They are incredibly simple yet create a clear contrast between the ceiling and the walls, enabling a room to come across as cultural without sacrificing any elegance.

The best material to make plaster cornice out of would-be plaster of Paris. It’s strong, so there is never any need to worry about accidentally damaging it. And if installed correctly, it will stay in place for the rest of your life, and perhaps even for the rest of your house’s life.

If you need the materials required to install this product, you can purchase cornice adhesive by clicking here or a cornice filler. If you need further help or advice on installing this plaster cornice coving, feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to offer our advice.

This plaster cornice coving will look splendid in any room within your house. It will best suit the kinds of rooms the family tend to spend most of their time in. Being super simplistic in design, it might not be ideal for formal rooms. However, it can still bring some extra sophistication to the kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

Sometimes, there is no need for intricate patterns. Lines are the ideal way to bring some extra design and style into a room. From the perspective of either an artist or a mathematician, lines can be an incredible way of changing a room from cagey to homely.


Plaster Cornice – Yesteryear Range.

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We also provide fixing tools as well as cornice adhesive and cornice filler.

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