PC 602 – Small Greville

Plaster Cornice – Length 3000mm
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P602- Small Greville Art Deco Coving

Greville Family Art Deco Coving :

Are you planning to build or refurbish a home and look for each detail in a quite classic pattern for your new living space? 

Home decor is actually an overthinking task. For making everything versatile and unique, the search for the best decorations is a quite difficult task. The most important task among home decoration is looking for the sophistication of the wall and ceiling as these are the main parts that reflect the look and class of the home and homeowner. 

For making your wall elegant, we have brought the best art deco coving that is the smallest cornice from the Grevellie family. The Grevellie family cornice is a visual art deco transition between wall and ceiling. It makes the home elegant and classy. 

Our P602 art deco coving is made up of plaster that is a very durable and versatile construction material. Moreover, plaster tends to dampen noise. It is also useful in rooms with peculiar dimensions, as plasterwork is normally done by hand and can be more easily adapted to a particular space. This plaster cornice shares these advantages and is a natural choice in a room where the walls are finished in plaster.

Coving Design Details & Aesthetic Use: 

The smallest cornice from the Greville family. Made from light, strong and durable materials, the art deco coving is plain and comes with sharp curves that make it stand out. It can improve the aesthetics of the ceiling as the moldings can be shaped and coloured to suit any kind of decor. With 3000 mm length, these are ideal for small as well as large spaces. So, Perfect for renovation work. 

Moreover, as functional use, the art deco coving can be used to hide wall imperfections. The sleek and small Greville coving runs along the joints where the ceiling meets the wall adequately and covers the imperfections.


● Material: Plaster

● Length: 3000mm 

● Design: Plain with sharp curves

● Style: Greville Family

 Cornices Centre Range.

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