PC 565A – Ogee and Cove

Plaster Cornice – Length 3000mm
Price provided is per length.

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Cove Ogee

Explore the beauty of cove ogee in your home. Our exquisite plaster cove is defined by delicate details and timeless elegance, giving any room a gorgeous touch of luxury. Crafted with care by our expert artisans, cove ogee is made from high-quality material designed to draw admiration. From refinement to grandeur, you can rest assured that our cove brings a perfect balance of sophistication and classic style to your home. With its classic shape and supreme quality, you can transform any space into an opulent wonderland.

Give your home a timeless look–start with Cove Ogee!

Cove ogee is the perfect solution whether you’re looking to add an air of regality or classic charm. From traditional to contemporary designs, our cove adds a touch of class to any room — and makes a statement all its own. In addition to providing timeless beauty, our cove also offers superior durability that keeps it looking gorgeous for years to come. Our one-of-a-kind designs are meticulously crafted with quality materials, so you can trust that your home will look beautiful for years to come.

Create the look you want to achieve.

Bring timeless sophistication into your space with Ogee Cove. From its luxurious curves to superior craftsmanship, this cove creates an ambience of beauty and luxury.

Enhance your ceiling’s aesthetics with this plaster cornice, which flawlessly unites the ogee and cove style. The ogee design’s unmistakable ‘S’ shape moulding is evident when you look closely at it, while small covings complete its beautiful appearance. Perfectly complementary to our collection of ornate or plain ceiling roses and other period-specific cornices, this piece will bring a breathtaking elegance to any room in your home!  Cornices Centre Range.

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