PC 551 – Small Victorian

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Plaster Cornice – Length 3000mm
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PC551 Plaster Ceiling Victorian Cornice

Victorian Cornice Style Elegance & Charm: 

The victorian era cornices are the most well-known and sleek cornice for ceiling decor. Their simplicity with elegance and sophistication is priceless. No one can neglect the architectural beauty and decoration accessories of the Victorian style. 

The living space of your beautiful home needs something more than barren smooth distempered walls. Plaster adds a sense of fullness, thereby accentuating the wholesome look of your home. If your aim is to instil the ‘Wow!’ factor into your room at minimal cost, this can often be achieved using PC551 plaster Victorian cornice on your ceiling.

If you want to decor your living room or home in a simple yet stylish and modern way. Don’t worry, we are here for you!

The plain ceiling victorian cornice is simple and as well classic to use for ceiling decor. Made up of plaster, it is durable and suitable for places that are prone to much wear and tear. It not only plays an aesthetic role but also protects the wall from the damage caused by the furniture or other products contact. 

Simple & Classical Detailing: 

Simplicity is itself the best decoration in the home. The simple and sleek home decoration represents the sophisticated style and choice of the person living there. The pattern of the Victorian cornice is plain and classic. Painting cornices with a different color bring a fabulous effect.

Plaster cornice is more beneficial as its more resistant to knocks and dents in most cases. The lath, or backing, used behind the plaster also affects its strength.

It is ideal for a Victorian house with medium size rooms. Even though it is smaller than other Victorian cornices, it is suitable for small for all spaces from small to big rooms. The best feature is that it’s not easy to damage and lasts for years.


● Length: 3000mm

● Design: Victorian Cornice

● Feature: Victorian Style

● Use: Ceiling Cornice

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7 reviews for PC 551 – Small Victorian

  1. Ben

    I have had this cornice fitted in my house by Cornices Centre. Best decision ever !!!

  2. Marie Sweden

    I have this cornice in smaller rooms and PC 552 in my living room and bedroom and both of them look fantastic. they provided expert advice and recommendations for professional installation, ensuring that the cornice was installed perfectly and safely.

  3. Adam

    I think this is one of the most popular Victorian cornices… Have used it for few sites now..

  4. Amanda Johnson

  5. Melanie

    Love it!!!

  6. Neil Patel

  7. Camille

    This review highlights the quality of the product, the excellence in customer service, and the overall satisfaction with the purchase, fitting the criteria of a five-star review.

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