PC 535 – Medium Plain Run Cove

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Plaster Cornice – Length 3000mm
Price provided is per length.

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Medium Plain Run Cove – Flat  Coving

For adding elegance and details to your modern home, the Edwardian flat covings are on the top for wall and ceiling decor. Edwardian architect is the most well-known architectural era, and its mouldings decoration work is still used for the styling of modern and classic homes. Among its architect, the plaster moulding coverings or cornices are perfect for the decoration of walls, an essential decoration space for a home. 

Fibrous Plaster Flat Coving

Wall and ceiling decoration is important for the home because it depicts the classy choice and class of the homeowner. During the construction of a home, there remain some imperfections at the joints of walls and ceilings. These imperfections destroy the elegant home look. No worry, our classic flat coving is specially carved for covering these imperfections. Traditional Edwardian carving techniques are implied by our experts’ to mould plaster in order to design the shallow classic plain covings. 

Shallow Classic Flat Coving Details: 

The plain coving details define as it starts with a curve on the ceiling, two in the mid, and then ends with a curve on the wall. The curves’ edges are not sharp. Moreover, it is flat and long on the ceiling giving an impression of a lower ceiling. As it is quite thick, it would stand out and give attention to the ceiling.

 Coving and Cornices

It plays the role of a classic aesthetic flat coving and is also functional for the covering of imperfections. The installation process is easy and it is quite durable. Once apply and then forget to change or restyle it as its finish is also not prone to wear and tear. Additionally, you can enrich the flat cornice and attach some extra details like plaster flowers or others on the flat part on the ceiling.


● Material: Plaster

● Length: 3000 mm 

● Design: Classic

● Use: Aesthetic & Functional

Cornices Centre Range.

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1 review for PC 535 – Medium Plain Run Cove

  1. Owen

    My professional interactions with the Cornices Centre have been nothing short of excellent. Excellent product, easy to put up using the cornice adhesive.

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