PC 512 – Large Cove with Steps

Plaster Cornice – Length 3000mm
Price provided is per length.

£40.00 plus VAT

1 in stock (can be backordered)

Large Ceiling Coving with Steps

Most houses will have a ceiling coving. Their purpose is to separate the ceiling from the walls, and enable the two to better stand out from one another. It also makes it easier should you wish to have the walls one colour and the ceiling another.
It’s rare for a room to be without them.

What’s great about this particular ceiling coving is just how simple it looks. There are no over the top patterns, enabling it to blend in seamlessly with almost any room. Despite how simple it looks, having something like this will be a subtle hint to your guests that you care about the design of your room.

Original Plaster Coving

Made of plaster cornice, this ceiling coving is super strong and sturdy. Having such strength will prevent it from being damaged over time and enable it to stay in place for even longer than your stay in the house.

Ceiling Coving Handmade in the UK by Cornices Centre

You will need some form of cornice adhesive to install it, which can be purchased by clicking here. You may also find it beneficial to use a ceiling coving filler to cover areas such as the corner of rooms. Once you install it, it’s there for good and should never fall down.

Perfect for all rooms

The type of room we would recommend installing this particular design would be a casual family room, such as the kitchen or a bedroom. However, it will still look spectacular in any room of the house. Whilst it makes a house feel like a home, the simplistic design enables it to make any room feel comfortable and down to Earth.

If this sounds like the sort of thing you want in your house, you can buy it from our stock. And we even sell the adhesives that you may require to install it. So if you want a room in a house to have a modern yet sophisticated feel to it, this ceiling coving is for you.

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We also provide fixing tools as well as cornice adhesive and cornice filler.

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