PC 503 – Small Cove with Steps

Plaster Cornice – Length 3000mm
Price provided is per length.

£36.00 plus VAT

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Cove Cornice – PC 503 Small Cove with Steps

Create an Elegant & Classy Home Look using cove cornice: 

The living space of your beautiful home needs something more than barren smooth distempered walls. Plaster adds a sense of fullness, thereby accentuating the wholesome look of your home. If you aim to instil the ‘Wow!’ factor into your room at minimal cost, this can often be achieved using PC503 plaster Victorian medium cove cornice on your ceiling. Plaster cove cornice is one of the best things to give a simple yet classical touch to your home decor. Its elegant detailing will depict a sleek and plain decorative panel. Moreover, the aesthetic function adds a decorative, historic feel to wall and ceilings and also makes it easy to get a custom wainscot to look in no time. Its simplicity will represent your sleek and elegant selection. No one can stop himself from praising your sense of styling. 

Sleek & Plain Victorian Cornice: 

The Victorian era cornices are the most well-known and sleek cornice for ceiling decor. Their simplicity with elegance and sophistication is priceless. No one can neglect the Victorian style’s architectural beauty and decoration accessories that are still as desired and used as in the past. 

The plain ceiling Victorian PC503 cove cornice is simple and as well classic to use for ceiling decor. Made up of plaster, it is durable and suitable for places prone to much wear and tear. The sleek design features a plain cove and a decorative reel. It is a very simple but elegant cove cornice as the reels add sophistication to your home. With coving projection, it is suitable for bigger rooms with high ceilings. It will match any ceiling rose or panel. It plays an aesthetic role and protects the wall from the damage caused by the furniture or other products contact. 


● Material: Plaster

● Length: 3000mm

● Design: Cove & reel

● Feature: Durable

● Use: Aesthetic

Cornices Centre Range.

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