Decorative Coving PC 6847 - Flower Scroll - Cornices Centre ®

PC 6847 – Flower Scroll

Plaster Cornice – Length 2750mm
Price provided is per length.

£65.00 plus VAT

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How do you best separate the walls from the ceiling? To do this, you will need a beautiful, decorative coving.
Having a decorative coving will enable the walls and ceiling to better stand out from one another. A decorative covering will act similarly to a picture frame if you have walls decorated with beautiful paintings or a ceiling with stunning chandeliers.

This particular decorative covering has a beautiful floral pattern on it. Decorative Coving often with floral design, they can be a little over the top and lack the discipline that many clients are looking for. But this one takes the beauty of flowers but applies the rules of simplicity and minimalism that many people have grown to love.
Pretty yet also neat.

Made from plaster cornice, this decorative covering will last and stay up for however long your house is going to stay in place. Being a hard and sturdy material, you will never need to worry about this product falling down or being damaged.

As with most cornices, we would recommend using a cornice adhesive; this is strong enough to hold up heavy materials and will last for a long time. You could also use a decorative coving filler on areas such as the corner of rooms.

This product would be ideal in “slightly formal” rooms, such as lounges, guest bedrooms, and dining rooms. However, it would also look fantastic in other rooms such as kitchens, living rooms, and even bedrooms. Any room that you wish to bring some floral elegance to.

Flowers are one of those things; it’s tough to dislike. Bringing them into the house in a simple yet beautiful way is sometimes easier said than done. But with this product, you can get flowers into your home that will last forever and won’t draw attention away from the rest of the room.


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We also provide fixing tools as well as cornice adhesive and cornice filler at a competitive price.

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