Cornice Sample

Embellish using high-end standard cornices and covings Cornice Sample

If you order a cornice or panel online, we will first post you a free sample of your order. This way if you are not happy with your order sample, you can then exchange and get a different one. Only once you confirm that you are satisfied will we deliver the product to you.
We take the above-mentioned steps to ensure your satisfaction as that is what matters the most to us.
If you want cornice samples, you can collect them directly from our office, or we could post them to the provided address.
• If you are collecting samples from our office, there are two samples free of charge. Every additional sample is £10 + VAT
• If you want the samples to be posted, we charge £10 + VAT for each sample and £8.50 for the overall postage of any samples.

plaster coving

Victorian Cornice

Cornice Sample Infusing and reviving a number of historic architectural styles, Victorian Cornice and Coving ooze class and luxury to lighten up the surroundings.

Cornice Sample

There is no substitute for simplicity and sophistication. Make a statement of your exquisite class by embracing Cornices Centre’s plain cornice.

Modern Cornice

All the rage nowadays, Modern Cornices provide not only give a subtle dramatic effect but also make the rooms and hallways look more open and welcoming.