PR 610 – Norwich Ceiling Rose

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Plaster Ceiling Rose
Diameter – 375mm

£38.00 plus VAT

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This beautifully crafted ceiling rose is a fine example of traditional plasterwork, reminiscent of the ornate detailing commonly found in classic London architecture. The design features a series of concentric circles that draw the eye inward to a central point, creating a sense of depth and sophistication. Each band of the circle is expertly sculpted to catch the light, enhancing the three-dimensional effect of the rose.

Made by the artisans at Cornices Centre, this ceiling rose is a decorative piece and a testament to the enduring charm of plaster as a medium. The material allows for sharp, clean lines and a smooth finish that can be painted to match any interior decor.

Ideal for adding a touch of elegance to any room, this ceiling rose can be a centrepiece in a living room, a distinguished touch in a study, or a classic addition to a dining area. It can complement contemporary and traditional settings, bridging the gap between modern living and historical beauty.

Whether you’re looking to restore a period property to its former glory or introduce a classic element to a modern home, this plaster ceiling rose from Cornices Centre offers versatility and timeless appeal.

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2 reviews for PR 610 – Norwich Ceiling Rose

  1. Hardeep

    The ceiling rose is gorgeous and the fitting service was superb. The team was friendly, attentive, and made sure every detail was taken care of. It’s been a delightful experience.

  2. Shanta P.

    Highly recommend Cornices Centre for its exceptional ceiling roses and fitting services. The team’s precision and attention to detail made the installation process a breeze.

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