PR 620 – Embankment Ceiling Rose

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Plaster Ceiling Rose
Diameter – 870mm

£68.00 plus VAT

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Embodying the timeless elegance of London’s architectural heritage, this exquisite plaster ceiling rose from Cornices Centre is a piece of artistry designed to elevate the character of any room. Crafted from the finest plaster, it offers longevity, sturdiness, and a smooth, impeccable surface that can be painted to complement any interior colour palette.

This original design features a series of concentric circles that radiate outwards, creating a dynamic and eye-catching effect that draws the gaze upward. Each ring is meticulously sculpted, showcasing the precision and attention to detail that Cornices Centre is known for.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this ceiling rose is steeped in the historical ambience of London, reflecting the grandeur and sophistication synonymous with the city’s classic interiors. Whether used to frame a central lighting fixture or simply as a standalone decorative element, this ceiling rose promises to add a touch of historical charm and a refined finish to both contemporary and traditional settings.

Installation is made straightforward, with careful consideration given to ensuring that it can be securely attached to various ceiling materials. This London-inspired ceiling rose is more than just a decorative item; it is a statement piece that brings a piece of London’s rich design legacy into the comfort of your home.

Yesteryear Range.

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1 review for PR 620 – Embankment Ceiling Rose

  1. Sabrina Hayek

    From the product quality to customer service, every aspect of my experience with Cornices Centre was superb. It’s clear that they prioritize customer satisfaction and quality in every aspect of their business. They guided me through the selection process, ensuring that I chose the best product for my needs.

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