Edwardian Ceiling Rose - PR 717

Plaster Ceiling Rose
Diameter – 705mm


£75.00 plus VAT

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Edwardian Ceiling Rose

Are you looking to bring some sophistication and elegance into your home? When we think of the era of beauty, one of the first to come to mind is likely the Edwardian era.
At this time, the life of the lucky was filled with beautiful gowns, ballroom dances, and of course, stunning interior decoration. You can have your very own piece of Edwardian fashion with our Edwardian Ceiling Rose !

Hand Made By Artisan

A lot of Edwardian ceiling roses can be extraordinarily detailed and flashy. However, the pattern of this one is inspired by nature’s humble leaf. Your house will have a natural flair- without being too over the top or flashy. It’s like you’re saying, “I’m in touch with nature, but I also have a sense of sophistication”

Our Edwardian ceiling rose is a large piece of decoration.

This makes it perfect for people with larger spaces or higher ceilings. Should anyone look up at your ceiling, they will be amazed as they notice the intricate yet humble detailing.
Whether you often have guests round, or you just like to love where you live, this ceiling rose can turn a big room into a grand space.

Edwardian Ceiling Rose Made in The UK

When you order the Edwardian ceiling rose from us, you won’t just be getting the beautiful rose that will grace your ceiling. You’ll also be getting all the necessary advice on how to fit and maintain the ceiling rose, so you can keep it looking stunning for many, many years.

High-Quality Finish

These days, a lot of places that sell Edwardian ceiling roses will have them made of polystyrene. But not us! All of our Edwardian ceiling rose is made from high-quality plaster, making them strong, sturdy, and able to last for an incredibly long time.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, order now and give your ceiling some Edwardian sophistication with an Edwardian ceiling rose!

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We also provide fixing tools as well as cornice adhesive and cornice filler at a competitive price.

Product Specification:

  • Finish – Smooth, ready for painting, 
  • Material: Plaster
  • Made in the UK

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