Bespoke Ceiling Design

Showcase your style and taste via customised ceiling design

Ceilings are the one element in a room that can make or break the aesthetic appeal of it. With the few popular ceiling designs been in regular use, the time has come for bespoke decorative ceiling design to take over. After all, it is the one thing that can help you leave a lasting impression and standout through your own personalised designs.

Cornices Centre offers its esteemed customer the opportunity to get any kind of bespoke ceiling design made from drawings or pictures  We craft bespoke decorative ceiling design from plaster, wood  composition or from all these materials combined together, depending on the clients’ demands.

We ensure that all details are exactly according to the design provided as our expert as well experienced craftsmen leverage the most advanced techniques as well as skills to bring to life your imagination.We can supply and fit endless types of design, be they traditional or contemporary with 3D elements as well as LED lights to provide an outlook that you desire. So, if you are looking to make your home impressive as well as more valuable, then avail our bespoke decorative ceiling service.

You can simply add bespoke ceiling to existing cornices and ornaments in your property, further enhancing their appeal while changing the appearance of your property for good.

Note that we survey property before any actual work begins and we advise our clients as well as display the latest trends and options to ensure you make the best possible decision.

How to create

a beautiful bespoke ceiling design

Using Plaster Cornices

To create bespoke ceiling design using plaster cornice you may either create various shaped boxes on the ceiling or create simple, square boxes like on the picture taken. This allows you to install various cornice types in each box.

On the picture attached, the client has used cornice PC 650, which repeats the pattern in every box. It really makes the ceiling different compared to standard straight ceilings where cornice only appears around the area. However, if you admire very ornate ceiling design, you may also add panels, ceiling roses or small details.

Using Plaster Panel

Most bespoke ceiling designs are made using plaster panels. Therefore, in order to make the ceiling more interesting, you could build up rectangular or square boxes on the ceiling, like on the photo, and install various panel designs throughout. Additionally, to that, all sort of plaster details may be easily added to the panels. If you are looking for panel curves, simply provide us a template of the curve along with the type of panel to obtain smooth and gentle finish on the ceiling.